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5. Add a provision to control pitch rolling

Existing Regulation 



Avoiding this 'finals' controversy which often raises it's head only in March...

See below.


Law 9 has some inappropriate intentions for our amateur, community cricket. e.g. Mowing, line remarking and even pitch rolling are luxuries that Law 9 seems to assume are all on hand and freely available.


As was pointed out by another committee member, this issue only arises during finals and never during round matches even though it applies to BOTH kinds of games.

That probably indicates either a lack of understanding of Law 9 or that some other hidden agenda is being revealed. (Sharp practice to gain advantage in a final, anyone? Nah, course not...)

This change would involve rewriting Law 9 in line with QSDCA expectations. (What about mowing, watering, sweeping, line remarking, waiter service and comfy chairs?)

So if we do this for rolling are we doing it for mowing, sweeping, watering, line marking?  That's a can of worms.

Another reason that we are unable to write an new version of the rolling laws is that we cannot guarantee that all grounds have access to rollers and equipment on an equal basis. 

This is probably impractical and can be dealt with by following Law 9 as best as we can. Advise teams and captains to ascertain the availability of rollers and pitch maintenance equipment BEFORE the match. Umpires are already advised about this.

Suggestion re Regulations Changes

Fri, 26 Mar, 09:38
from (A committee member and Umpire)

In our last semi-final, one of the teams asked if they could have the roller used for 7 minutes between innings - which is allowed under open cricket rules.

Unfortunately - a grounds-person was not available - so this could not be done.

Then - the overnight batting side asked that the wicket NOT be rolled overnight.

After the Host Club Captain made enquiries - he was advised that the wicket could be rolled for the 7 minutes overnight (which was duly done) despite the wishes of the captain of the overnight batting team.

The reasons given were that we were sub-districts & we couldn`t expect to have grounds-people available during the match for between the innings.

I co-umpired with Murray White (from QCUSA)

He and I could NOT find anything in our Regulations to indicate just overnight rolling.

I would therefore like to include within our Regulations the following;

Rolling of Wickets During Games

Normal Rolling of Wickets Cricket Rules be deleted - and - replaced with the following

During a Match of more than 1 consecutive day, rolling of the wickets be restricted to only 7 minutes overnight between the different consecutive days - and - only by agreement with the Captain of the overnight batting team.

In all other QSDCA matches - no rolling of the wickets be allowed between innings - except for the normal week to week preparation of wickets for 2 day matches held on consecutive Saturdays.

or - words to that effect

Fri, 26 Mar, 11:02

...I'll add this to the list of things.for the review.

This request outlines a real problem and has a suggested solution (whether it's right or not is obviously a question for debate).

Law 9.1 Rolling is often controversial for us but **only** in finals. Part of the problem with Law 9.1 is it is written as if rolling services are always available. In Subbies they often are not available (for lots of reasons). Subbies team expectations are not like a first class game. All the Law 9 topics (rolling, mowing, sweeping, line remarking, foothold maintenance, watering) are in this category.

BTW (I and another umpire had a) final which was kinda similar. Batting captain for innings 2 requested a roll late on Sat arvo and was denied because (?? unclear reasons: probably too lazy, not ready, no petrol, no one capable to do it, not real sure....)

Batting side made 1/1 in 3.1 overs

A next morning roll was mooted. (I cannot confirm what happened since I was absent for day 2 but Bruce said the problem got solved...)

Batting side made 10/36 in about 3 hours.

So rolling didn't make that much difference in this game.... A large part of the all out 36 in 3.5 hours might have been the long grass acting as an extra "fielding team".

I think the mowing (see Law 9.2) is a much harder problem. Apart from the time, machines, petrol and effort required to do it there are other factors like footy clubs, rain and tanks which dictate how, when and whether it's done.




        ABM 21-Jun-2021



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