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NOTICE OF MOTION 21-001 for AGM 19-Jul-2021

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Notice of Motion Form

2021/22 Season

QSDCA Management Committee
REGARDING Playing Regulations for All Competitions
PROPOSAL To approve a new integrated edition of Playing Regulations as displayed at

To revise these particular regulations:-

  • Regulation 13 Notifying Scores and Match Results
  • Sunday 50 Over Regulation 23.5 "Super-Sub" Rule
  • Sat Reg. 24 Compulsory Closure Time conditions for Sat One Dayer
  • Sat Reg. 29.3 Free Hits for Sat One Dayers
  • Saturday Regulation 35.15-35.22 Finals player eligibility conditions 
 AND to correct several errors and clarifications which have been identified since last edition was issued.


  1. Tighten rules about notifiying match abstracts.
  2. Improve the Sunday 50 Over 'Supersub' Rule
  3. To add a condition for end of innings to Saturday 35 over limited over matches.
  4. To allow free hits for Saturday One Dayers
  5. To prevent teams from the same club in the same grade from swapping players for finals eligibility.
COMMENT All these changes are shown in detail at this website.

 Voting Slip for Notice of Motion

Indicate with an 'X'


Tighten rules about notifiying match abstracts. Regulation 13

  • To correct bowler over limit reductions exemption. Sunday 50 Over Regulation 27.3
  • To correct over calculation examples. Regulation 26.14 and 26.21
  • To correct result calculation examples. Regulation 33.5 and 33.6
  • To correct alteration conditions list for limited over matches. Regulation 26.3
  • To correct placeholder in Sunday 50 and Super 20. Regulation 26.7
These are actually non-controversial. 
Should they be dropped from this formal motion? 

Rewrite Sunday 50 'Supersub' rule. Sunday 50 Regulation 23.5

To add a new Compulsory closure condition for teams all out after compulsory closure time. Saturday 35 Regulation 25

To have Free Hts for no balls in Saturday 35 over one Day matches. Saturday 35 Regulation 29.3

To approve specifying finals eligibility qualification to a particular team. Regulation 35.15  

ABM 27-Jun-2021 Revised 28-Jun-2021



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