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3. Simpler version of Doubtful Bowling Actions Procedures


Appendix F DOUBTFUL BOWLING ACTIONS PROCEDURES (Effective 1st September 2017 (v2))


This procedure is not well understood and is likely not being followed very well.

Probably because it's wordy, confusing and once started any conclusion seems a very long way off.

A clear and strong policy on this is needed in the modern game but remains fraught with controversy (almost by definition). 

An obvious issue is the lack of resources and support (and maybe the will) to complete all the investigation and assessment steps.

Less obvious is the lack of experience most umpires have with this procedure. So training is needed. But also some awareness amongst team captains would create some 'demand' for a constructive approach.

Doubtful bowling actions is a very controversial topic. Historically it has been raging hot since at least the 1820's when 'Round-arm' bowling began to challenge the hegemony of underarm bowling. (There are some really nutty things in the history of bowling laws. Start reading here. There are books on it...)

I think it is not possible to deal with Appendix F by AGM Notice of Motion. 

There are two major problems with making adjustments to Appendix F.

Both stem from the fact that the current Appendix is derived directly from a QC directive from about 4 years ago.

Problem 1: the detailed procedures described do not appear to be supported by resources required to implement them.

Problem 2: Any change we make may be deviating from QC's 'policies' and intentions. This would mean we might be 'on our own' when it comes to any procedures. (We don;t have any resources allocated to this either.)

Here's my paper on this.

It's not really a proposal.

I think we should be consulting with QC about revising this policy.

Another issue is how this applies to player umpired matches. Current QC policy says only accredited umpires may make reports. unofficially we are supposed to overlook that in player umpired games.



Draft by ABM 13-Oct-2020 (ver A) (needs an edit yet...)

All bowlers in Qld will bowl in accordance with Law 21.2

Law 21 must be applied by the umpire at all times.

Umpires are sole judges on Law 21.2 Fair Delivery – the Arm.

* The Doubtful Bowling Action Procedure is aimed at both making the game fair and dealing constructively with players sincerely struggling with their bowling actions.

* This procedure is to help all bowlers play cricket without suspicion or argument.

* Throughout the process clubs and coaches will act in the best interests of the player and cricket in general.

* The welfare of the player and the game are primary considerations.

Umpire’s Procedure for Doubtful Actions

QC instructs there are 3 calls to make.


* Does not break Law 21

b. ILLEGAL DELIVERY – (a blatant throw, a “no ball”)

* For deliberate and blatantly thrown delivery Umpire will call “no ball”

* To be considered illegal, ball must be delivered with a very different action to bowler’s normal deliveries.

* Umpire will report using the Doubtful Bowling Action Report Form.


* For any bowling action that MIGHT be illegal.

* Do not call “no ball”

* Umpires will report using the Doubtful Bowling Action Report Form.

* There are two categories.


If an umpire believes that a bowler has bowled a ball with an action that is illegal, the umpire should “Report” that bowler on the Doubtful Bowling Action Report Form.


If an umpire is suspicious that a bowler has bowled a ball with an action that might be illegal, the umpire should “Mention” that bowler on the Doubtful Bowling Action Report Form.


* Use naked eye viewing or video at normal speed only.

* Do not allow influence by slow motion replays.

* Only accredited umpires may make a Mention or Report.

* Player umpires are allowed to report Doubtful Actions. See advice in score book.

Report Procedure

1. Umpire completes the report

- describe the bowling action

- Is it a general problem? Is it specific deliveries or type of deliveries?

2. Umpire will notify the player (and coach/captain/team manager) at the end of the playing day.

3. Email the report to QC within 3 days of the end of the match.

4. QC will write to reported player’s Club Secretary and the Association Secretary

- copy of Umpire’s report

- outline the actions to follow





First Mention

  • Club coach works with bowler

  • No action

Second Mention

  • Elevates to next level

  • Proceed with next level actions

First Report

Level 1.

  • Club coach works with bowler.

  • QC will provide methods and drills

Second Report

Level 2.

  • Video evidence to be gathered at a training session.

  • 8 week intervention period begins.

  • Bowler may continue to bowl in matches.

  • Further reports during 8 week intervention period will not affect bowler’s level.

  • QC will analyse video evidence and provide recommendations.

  • A further review will occur at the end of the 8 week intervention period.

  • There is no clearance.

  • Non-cooperation, non-participation will lead to immediate Level 4.

Third Report

Level 3.

  • 8 week bowling suspension period begins.

  • Remedial work continues without match pressures.

Fourth Report

Level 4.

  • 12 month bowling suspension begins at the date of third report.

  • After 12 months suspension is finished the bowler may bowl again.

  • Any further mention returns the bowler to Level 4.

Further Notes about Reporting procedure.

* Two mentions equals one report.

* Club coach means …. “ xxxx” (Can we ask QC for their suggestion about what this MEANS?)

* No player returns to Level at the start of a season. The record is permanent.

* This applies the same for Junior and Senior players.

* The report and result will not be made public.

To oppositions who ‘demand action’.

* It is not true that "nothing is being done"... neither is it true that one report will condemn any bowler.

* All captains and players need to know that accusations and allegations are unlikely to result in anything other than a dispute that will ruin the game for both sides.

To any team captain who says "he's been cleared".

* "There's no such thing." (It’s says so in the procedure.)
* The equipment (high speed TV cameras, spots and computers) is gathering dust in the NCC. No one has used it.

* "I'll umpire what is in front of me"


ABM 21-Jun-2021 


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